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Bill's Khaki's cords and TECHNICOLOR DREAM SHIRT (I made up that title--Mary didn't like it, but after she broke up with me, I figured what the hell and bought it.)
San Antonio Shoemakers' shoes (pretty much the only shoes I wear)

American Giant french terry crew and polo (both a little big for me), RPMWest raw black denim jeans (they look kinda dressy, and I want to break them in)

Flint and Tinder polo, American Giant longsleeve T, RPMWest quarter-century belt, RPMWest quarter-century pants

Mollusk Surf shirt, American Giant t-shirt, Wonderous Pants (not thrilled with these--I assumed they'd be cotton, they never said, and it turns out they're mostly nylon with a polyester/cotton blend... no returns... oh well)

SOS (Save Our Soil) organic cotton t-shirt, Flint and Tinder long-sleeve, RPMWest belt and raw denim jeans, SAS Move On Camel shoes, socks are either Pact Organic or are from an east coast family sockmaker (I have my socks all confused!)

RPMWest shirt, American Giant t-shirt, RPMWest quarter-century pants, SAS Move On Camel shoes, Wellen Surf socks

Wellen Surf Co shirt, American Giant t-shirt, RPMWest raw denim jeans

Bill's Khakis Technicolor Dreamshirt!!!, SOS t-shirt, RPMWest raw denim jeans (I wore these all that week... yep.. I pack light), the shoes I've already typed out 12 times

I wore clothes the other days, too; it's just a pain to try to find the photos. I will probably never do a backlog again. That was hard!!!

The Week of Black:

(RPMWest shirt and jeans, American Giant t-shirt)

All black today, all week probably, not for Cristian (he liked colors and dancing) but for me and how I feel both about my personal life and about his passing

The boss said I look professional, so I tucked in my shirt.

Flint and Tinder sweatshirt, RPMWest Quarter Century Pants, Wellen Surf Co. shirt

RPMWest jeans (RPMWest went out of business! nooooo!), American Giant t-shirt and polo

Sorry about my face. A guy had just sprinted in and was laying out his colon in the stall behind me, so I was a little disturbed. Although I'm sorry about my face most of the time anyway.

(American Giant t-shirt, Braintree eco organic longsleeve, All-American Clothing cargo shorts)


And still more!

Flint and Tinder chinos, Mollusk surf company shirt, American Giant t-shirt

I sort of failed on the whole matching front today. You can't see my brown shoes, but I don't think that was the problem. I think the brown, the salmonish, and the greyish all work. The problem is the blue shirt, which I think works well enough with the grey shirt, just not with the pants? I don't know. Matching is really hard.

American Giant sweatshirt in L (kinda wish all mine were in L instead of XL now... hard when you're between sizes), Wellen Surf Co. button-up, Flint and Tinder 365 day pants, San Antonio Shoe Company shoes

Sorry about my face. And the trash can.

Flint and Tinder shirt and polo, RPMWest pants (RIP, RPMWest :( )
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