First post

This is my first time posting here.
What is your current favorite clothing brands or stores?
What was the last item of clothing, shoes, etc that you bought?
Would you say you dress trendy or do you have your own style?

I have my camera with me but the cord to upload pictures isn't with me. I don't know how to upload pictures from my phone or iPad onto here so I'll just describe what I'm wearing.
-light blue Bullhead Venice skinny jeans
-studded belt, buckle worn to the side
-white Express t shirt with skull and shape designs on it
-black monochrome low top converse
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I am going to post here anyway

I know no one posts here, but maybe I can revive it. ... ... ...

Anyway, here is what I wore today. I also try to post an unflattering photo of myself every Friday, so that's here, too.

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