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What I Wore Today - Daily Outfits

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Created on 2009-09-25 05:55:29 (#448362), last updated 2017-09-03 (6 weeks ago)

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Name:What I Wore Today
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:A place to post photos of your daily outfits.... All sizes, shapes and styles are welcome.

[community profile] whatiworetoday is a community for people who are interested in fashion and clothing, and who want to share photos of what they wear. WE WANT TO BE INSPIRED. We like cute clothes, original outfits and people with a strong sense of personal style. Trendy is okay, but we want to see *your* outfits, not re-creations of what you see in the media....

Constructive criticism is allowed, but only if a poster asks for it.

Membership is open, but posting is moderated, at least for the time being.


1. This community is friends only! To see posts, you have to JOIN.

2. While part of the comm's purpose is con crit along with praise, you may opt out of receiving constructive criticism. You must state "No con crit" in each post if you are opting out.

3. At least one picture per outfit of the day post. Photos aren't necessary for posts that solicit opinions before buying or ask for resources.

4. Use a cut for all photos. Don't know how to do a cut? See the FAQ.

5. We want well put-together outfits. We know you don't look hot every day, but please refrain from posting pictures on pj and hoodie days!

6. Post sources and prices, if possible. If you are comfortable with posting sizes, please do that as well.

7. Please don't delete comments and/or posts because you don't like what is being said; if you're having a problem with someone, page a mod and someone will take care of it! Deleting comments and/or posts will lead to you being banned.

8. NO PERSONAL ATTACKS ALLOWED! You may offer constructive criticism of a person's outfit if the poster has asked for it (otherwise please respect their wishes for no crit), but you absolutely may not comment on something they cannot change in a dressing room, like weight, hair color, etc. Comments on WEIGHT, RACE, and GENDER will not be tolerated.

8a. Non-gendered greetings are appreciated -- please refrain from saying "Hey, ladies", "Hey, girls" or anything that would leave out anyone out. If a mod or another member asks you to change your greeting, please do so without snark or comment.

9. Trolling/spamming in comments or posts gets an automatic ban.


This is not a rating community -- it's simply a place to post outfits and chat about what you wore. REMEMBER THAT.


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